International Colloquium on Multilingualism and Interpreting in Settings of Globalisation: Asylum and Migration

19-20 February 2015 – Ghent University, Belgium


The MIAM-colloquium (2015) is an international conference which addresses issues of multilingualism and interpreting in institutional settings of globalization, with a particular focus on asylum and migration. Owing to increasing mobility and societal heterogeneity, contemporary institutions routinely face clients whose hybrid linguistic repertoirespose a challenge to established institutional practices and resources. Multilingualism and the use of non-official languages require the institutions to customize their language practices, by working with interpreters or by using an international lingua franca. But still, even in settings where the right to language mediation is regulated by law, speakers of non-official languages are still systematically disadvantaged. While multilingualism has entered decisively in our contemporary institutions, there seems to be little consistency in what this multilingualism actually means to the speakers involved. MIAM 2015 attends to the generally forgotten and underrated complexities of institutional multilingualism and interpreting in settings of asylum and migration.